Lessons by Amanda Hanson Gates

7 lessons this would be a really solid first dance, choreography included. I think of this as a standard offering. Most couples will feel pretty awesome after this number of lessons. This would be for couples that want to feel confident on the dance floor, learn the basics of dancing together, lead and follow, and learn some fun choreographed moves set to the music, including an entrance and dip/exit.

12 lessons this is an expanded package that can operate in a few different ways. For couples who want to do a special surprise dance, or a few songs spliced together (does not include music cutting-I usually work with the couples DJ to make that happen if needed)

2. Couples that want lessons for, them but also want to do parent dances (father daughter/mother son). Lessons can be distributed however is deemed best buy the couple and I while working together.

3. Couples who want a more elaborate choreography-ala dancing with the stars

4. For those that feel they need extra help and extra lessons-those with truly 2 left feet.

We offer individual lessons and also wedding party dances.

We tend to favor packages since knowing how much time I have with a couple greatly increases my ability to make sure they are satisfied with their dance.

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